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My husband Mike and I started working with Julie Kelley, a Weichert McKenna and Vane Realtor, in March 2021 and one of the first things she told us was to “have patience; the right house will come but it will take patience.

” She was absolutely right. We found homes we thought we loved, placed offers, and lost offers. But she reminded us every time we lost it just wasn’t right and that we “can’t compete with crazy.” This 2020-2021 housing market is insane. She guided us through this whole experience and taught us all the ins-and-outs of home-buying; making us feel comfortable with our decisions. She was right that the houses we lost weren’t meant for us. Our 5th offer on a home was accepted and in no way did we have to compete with crazy and I’m SO happy those other offers fell through. She helped us find and win our dream home. Not only did we make the right decision on a house but we made the right decision by going with Julie - and you will too. Julie is super responsive, eager, honest, and kind; always putting her clients first. She won’t let you down. Thank you Julie, for everything!

Mary Duckett

Julie Kelley was super informative and helpful during this process.

She helped us find our perfect home and was the best part of the move. Her help made our move from California to Maryland much easier, especially during a pandemic.

Katie Stewart

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